Hi, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the blog will be shutting down sometime in May 2021. Rather than extend my site subscription for another year, I have decided to just let it go. I don’t have time to focus on creating crochet patterns. I want to return to my writing more than anything and focus on that. I still love to crochet and will never stop, but I never really had the talent to design now that I think hard about it. It was fun while it lasted but I don’t like the pressure of coming up with new patterns all the time. If I ever finish my Tunisian crochet project, I will find somewhere to post it – it just won’t be here on loop v loop. That said, I probably won’t be posting my patterns anywhere else for a long time, so if you want them, now is the time to save them as a pdf or print them out! I’ll still occasionally post pics on my Instagram, but I’ll probably shut down my twitter account as I hardly ever use it (oh and I forgot all about my Pinterest page – I mostly use my personal account there). I wish you all the best in your future crochet adventures. Thanks for visiting!


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Vanessa is an avid crocheter. She also loves to read historical fiction and has even written a few (unpublished) novels. By day Vanessa crunches numbers in an office but by night if she's not crocheting or book binding, she's probably sleeping. With her cat on/near her head.

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