Free Crochet Project Tracker PDF

free crochet project tracker

Do you have so many projects going at once that you’re kind of scrambling when you go to one from another? This is exactly me. I put down one project, pick up another, and then when I get back to the project I put down, sometimes I don’t remember where I left off or even what hook I used. Well, scramble no more! Download this free crochet project tracker pdf and print as many sheets as you need.

free crochet project tracker pin

It really is helpful! Enjoy!

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Vanessa is an avid crocheter. She also loves to read historical fiction and has even written a few (unpublished) novels. By day Vanessa crunches numbers in an office but by night if she's not crocheting or book binding, she's probably sleeping. With her cat on/near her head.

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