DIY Lacy Dreamcatcher

diy lacy dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are such beautiful pieces of art. Being of First Nations heritage, I have many traditional ones in my house. And of course, I have one hanging next to my bed. I’ve seen so many creative variations of dreamcatchers on the web that I wanted to make my own version. This DIY lacy dreamcatcher is super easy to make and looks beautiful hanging from any wall. And there’s no cultural appropriation (seriously, buy the real thing from real Native Americans/First Nations – they take a lot of time to make and they’re gorgeous).

What you need

  • any size embroidery hoop, preferably wooden
  • piece of scrap lace or doily large enough to fit in hoop
  • ribbons and/or strips of fabric
  • paint or paint marker

diy lacy dreamcatcher

What to do

  1. Take apart your embroidery hoop and cover your work area with a scrap piece of paper or old newspaper. Paint the two pieces of the hoop. Depending on what paint you use, you may have to wait till the front dries to do the back.
  2. Gather your ribbon and/or strips of fabric and tie them to the bottom of the main embroidery hoop (the outside one). You could put as much or as little as you like.
  3. Take the scrap piece of lace or doily and place it over the inside embroidery hoop. Stretch it out a bit before securing the hoop back together. That way, you won’t have a lumpy or saggy middle.
  4. Carefully cut away any excess lace sticking out from behind the hoop. Finally, hang it up!

diy lacy dreamcatcher

And that’s it! How easy was that?

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