Hello, my name is Vanessa (hence the ‘v’ in ‘loop v loop’). My mother taught me to crochet many years ago. I didn’t catch on right away, being busy with school and other things. But in the last year or so, crochet has become my passion. Now I have become a yarnologist, a crazy crochet lady, and my mom couldn’t be prouder. I wish I could crochet all day but I have a day job crunching numbers. When I get home, crochet is one of the ways I relax.

I also enjoy web design, photography, reading, writing (yes, I wrote a couple of novels – unpublished), and the occasional game. I also love a good movie and love me some Game of Thrones and other intriguing television serials. I’m also Canadian and love me some hockey (go habs go)! Have fun exploring my blog and say ‘hi’ if you’d like! I’d love to hear from you.