5 tips for starting a crochet club

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Crocheting can be a lonely hobby. This doesn’t bother me at all – sometimes you need to be able to count without interruption. But sometimes it can be helpful to crochet with a group of people. You can learn new tricks or pass on some of your knowledge with people who are as passionate about the craft as you are.

I recently started a crochet group when one of my friends wanted to learn how to do it. We’ve met several times and had lots of fun. Here are some tips to start your own crochet club.

Tip 1: Research!

Maybe your town already has a crochet or needlework group. If this is the case, then starting your own crochet club seems redundant. Since there is already a group of crocheters nearby, why not ask to join?

If there is nothing of the kind in your town or close by, this is when you should start your own club. First, you have to find out how many people might be interested in belonging to such a group. After all, if it’s just you and a friend and your friend doesn’t show up, it’s not much of a group. The best possible way to find out the potential interest is to use Facebook. Ask your friends directly through a status update and then create a group, invite those friends who are interested, and let them invite some of their own friends. This is what I did and I managed to get about 15 people in the Facebook group and around eight people on average showing up at each session.

Tip 2: Find a place to meet in the real world.

This could be a difficult step if you live in a small town, like me. There is no community centre or cafe or even a library where we could meet for free. So we had to get creative. At first, we were going to meet in a church hall, which we would have had to rent. If you have a lot of no shows, this isn’t really a good idea as you will be in the hole, forking out your own cash instead of sharing the bill. Then, I used my work connections to secure use of a youth centre. We had to make a small donation, but it was worth it. The centre has a nice large table where we can all comfortably sit around and crochet.

Tip 3: Offer to show beginners how to crochet.

Maybe you have a lot of friends who secretly want to learn how to crochet. Or maybe they’ve not so subtly let you know several times. Whatever the case, there are a lot of people out there who would like to crochet, but don’t know how to go about starting. Some watch videos, others read books. That’s all well good but sometimes it’s easier to see it all in person. Plus, watching videos and reading books gets lonely after a while.

Tip 4: Food!

Put out some snacks for your meeting. My brother is a caterer and I ordered a veggie platter from him for the very first meeting. When people need a break or get bored from crocheting, they want to munch on something. At least I know I do.

Tip 5: Facebook is your friend.

Use Facebook to organize things. Most people are on the social media site, and if they aren’t they probably know someone who is. One of my group members isn’t on Facebook, but her family is and she found out that way. So put the word out that you want to set up a get together and wait for the likes to come in. As I said above, if there is enough interest, create a Facebook group where you can do the planning and chatting with your new crochet friends.

Crocheting doesn’t have to be a lonely hobby. Sharing your passion with others is a great way to keep that passion burning. I hope you have fun with these tips and perhaps start a crochet club of your own.

5 tips for starting a crochet club

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Vanessa is an avid crocheter. She also loves to read historical fiction and has even written a few (unpublished) novels. By day Vanessa crunches numbers in an office but by night if she's not crocheting or book binding, she's probably sleeping. With her cat on/near her head.

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