14 Free Velvet Yarn Crochet Patterns

velvet yarn patterns

Today, I want to share with you a round up of 14 free velvet yarn crochet patterns! Most of these patterns use Bernat, while a few use Lion Brand. Either way, I hope you enjoy my selection of free patterns!

Velvet Beanie

This beanie looks great and must feel even better!

–> Get the pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

Black Infinity Scarf

Something for the guys. They deserve nice scarves too!

–> Get the pattern by Crochet Queen

Velvet Crocheted Scrunchie

Thinking of making a bunch of these with my leftover yarn. I love using scrunchies.

–> Get the pattern by And She Laughs

Winter Dreams Velvet Cowl

This really does look dreamy!

–> Get the pattern by E’Claire Makery

Moroccan Tiles Afghan

Just. So. Pretty. If I didn’t have a million projects going on I would totally attempt this blanket.

–> Get the pattern by the Crochet Crowd (links to Yarnspirations)

Tiffany Turtle

Such a cute little turtle!

–> Get the pattern by To Craft A Home

Penelope Velvet Beanie

Another swell looking beanie! You can never have too many of these for those bad hair days.

–> Get the pattern at Crochetpreneur

Emma-Noel’s Velvet Bear

This bear must be so squishy and soft!

–> Get the pattern by Coco Crochet Lee

Kid’s Velvet Sweater

I used to have a velvet sweater when I was a kid. But it was 90s style. This is an updated look. And Breann has also made a pattern for adults

–> Get the pattern by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

Audrey Tunic

Just so classy.

–> Get the pattern by Sewrella

Vel-Luxe Throw

I wanna cuddle with this throw.

–> Get the pattern by Mama in a Stitch

Velvet Valentine Crochet Bear

I should make this for myself for Valentine’s Day. Nobody else gonna get me a gift 😉

–> Get the pattern by Repeat Crafter Me at Yarnspirations

Velvet Infinity Scarf

Looks luxurious!

–> Get the pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

Velvet Dotted Lines Blanket

Another blanket I want to wrap myself up in.

–> Get the pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

Bonus – Wampum Wrap

Yes, it’s a pattern by me! Definitely good for snuggling!

–> Get the pattern by loop v loop

Got any patterns you’d like to share? Comment below!

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