13 Free Crochet Poncho Patterns

13 free crochet poncho patterns

It’s my favourite time of the year – fall! To celebrate I’ve rounded up a baker’s dozen of (13) free crochet poncho patterns. Perfect for those days where there’s a chill in the air but not quite cool enough for a jacket, these will keep you warm while looking stylish.

Two Tone Poncho

Two Tone Poncho by Coffee and Vanilla.

Get the classic poncho look and warm up with this two tone poncho.

–> Get the pattern by Coffee and Vanilla

Mandala Yarn Crochet Poncho


Mandala Yarn crochet poncho pattern by Crochet Therapy

So pretty and it only takes two skeins!

–> Get the pattern by Crochet Therapy

Under Wraps Poncho

Patons Tweed Under Wraps poncho

I believe the yarn used to make this poncho might be unavailable, but the pattern is still gorgeous.

–> Get the pattern at Yarnspirations

The Non-Bulky Poncho

Non-bulky poncho by Make and Do Crew

I like the form fitted-ness of this poncho. It makes you look less bulky.

–> Get the pattern by Make and Do Crew

Popcorn Hooded Poncho

Popcorn Hooded poncho via Lion Brand

There is something so magical about this poncho. It reminds me of a winter wonderland. If I could find the yarn used to make it, I totally would be making this. Alas, Lion Brand yarn is hard to find in my neck of the woods.

–> Get the pattern at Lion Brand

Cozy Ripple Poncho

Cozy Ripple Poncho via Lion Brand

Another cute pattern from Lion Brand.

–> Get the pattern at Lion Brand

Buttoned Poncho

Buttoned Poncho via Lion Brand

This poncho is so lovely!

–> Get the pattern at Lion Brand

Kitty Cat Poncho

Kitty Cat Poncho
Kitty Cat Poncho by Yarnutopia

This poncho is so adorable! I love cats and this looks like it could also be called the Pusheen poncho.

–> Get the pattern by Yarnutopia

Light Alpaca Poncho

Light Alpaca Poncho by Mama In A Stitch

This looks very soft and whimsical, perfect for those frosty mornings.

–> Get the pattern by Mama In A Stitch

Ava Poncho

Ava Poncho by Sewrella

This looks really simple to make and I love the choice of colours. Sewrella has recently updated this pattern.

–> Get the pattern by Sewrella

Alsace Poncho

Alsace Poncho by Hopeful Honey

I just want to snuggle with this poncho. It’s so country fresh.

–> Get the pattern by Hopeful Honey

Tunisian Lace Poncho

Tunisian Lace Poncho via Red Heart

It’s a Tunisian crochet poncho! I think this would be great to wear in a chilly office.

–> Get the pattern via Red Heart

Perfectly Panache Chic Poncho

Perfectly Panache Chic Poncho via Red Heart

And finally, here’s a pretty poncho with a long, fancy name.

–> Get the pattern via Red Heart

Got a favorite poncho pattern? Share it in the comments!

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