12 Free Crochet Backpack Patterns

It’s back to school season in many places and in honour of this scholarly event, I’ve rounded up a dozen of my favourite crochet backpack patterns. Best part? They’re all free! And if you don’t even have kids, like me, stitch one up for yourself. Backpacks are always useful, just don’t stuff too many textbooks in them. Your back will thank you.

Slouchy Stripes Backpack

Slouchy Stripes Backpack by Mandie the Mommy

This slouchy backpack uses Bernat Maker yarn, which I recently first tried out and decided I love the feel of working with it.

–>Get the pattern by Mandie the Mommy

Crochet Club Backpack

Crochet Club Backpack by LoveCrochet.com

This backpack is so pretty and this isn’t only a pattern but a tutorial, complete with helpful photos.

–>Get the pattern by the LoveCrochet blog.

Crocheted Backpack by Susanna Winter

Crocheted Backpack by Susanna Winter via Ravelry

So simple and so beautiful.

–>Get the pattern by Susanna Winter at Ravelry.

The Sophia Drawstring Backpack

The Sophia Drawstring Backpack by KMT Creations

Drawstring backpacks are so practical.

–>Get the Sophia Drawstring Backpack pattern by KMT Creations.

Bijou Backpack

Bijou Backpack by Cream of the Crop Crochet

I love that this backpack has a top handle. Sometimes you just need to carry it with that and give your shoulders and back a break.

–>Get the Bijou Backpack pattern by Cream of the Crop Crochet.

Crochet Rainbow Drawstring Backpack

Rainbow Drawstring Backpack by Repeat Crafter Me

Okay, this one is written up for kids but I think it’s so cute that one day I will make it for myself.

–>Get the Crochet Rainbow Drawstring Backpack pattern by Repeat Crafter Me.

Crochet Dragon Fly Bag

Dragon Fly Bag by the Crochet Crowd

I love the dragon fly motifs on this.

–>Get the Dragon Fly Bag pattern by the Crochet Crowd.

Boho Backpack

Boho Backpack by The Chilly Dog

Simple yet stylish.

–>Get the Boho Backpack pattern by The Chilly Dog

Crochet Daytripper Backpack

Crochet Daytripper Backpack by Sewrella

I love the leather straps on this one.

–>Get the Day-tripper Backpack pattern by Sewrella.

Patch Backpack

Patch Backpack by Red Heart

I love the shape of this backpack.

–>Get the pattern by Red Heart.

Rainbow Dragon Backpack

Rainbow Dragon Backpack by Elaine Phillips

This has been haunting me on Pinterest for a long time. One day I will learn the crocodile stitch and this will be one of the projects I attempt.

–>Get the pattern by Elaine Phillips.

Little Backpack

Little Backpack by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Isn’t this little backpack so cute?

–>Get the pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts.

I remember back to school shopping was the funnest part of going back to school for me. What about you? Did you like going back to school? Did you use handmade backpacks? Have any free crochet backpack patterns to share? Post below!

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